1                                             A New Tradition [2019]
2                                           YOU ARE HERE [2021]
3                                        herenow/therethen [2017]
4                                                       Asianadian [2017]
5                                                    Connections [2018]
6                                                        Instability [2018]
7                                                                   f451 [2018]
8                               The Shame Survival Kit [2018]

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About                           Michelle Lu (she/they) is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Toronto, Canada. Her practice explores identity, collaborative creation, and imagining new forms of community. Lu’s work is motivated by storytelling and the desire to make systems more equitable and accessible through design.  

Aside from design — she enjoys taking care of her leafy house plants, watching bad reality tv, and a good versatile jacket. [︎]

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