1                                             A New Tradition [2019]
2                                           YOU ARE HERE [2021]
3                                        herenow/therethen [2017]
4                                                       Asianadian [2017]
5                                                    Connections [2018]
6                                                        Instability [2018]
7                                                                   f451 [2018]
8                               The Shame Survival Kit [2018]

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About                           Michelle Lu is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Toronto/Tkoronto, Canada. Her practice explores identity, diaspora, and the human experience. Lu’s work is motivated by social activism and the desire to understand the complex intersectional spaces within identity.  

Aside from design — she enjoys taking care of her leafy house plants, watching bad reality tv, and a good versatile jacket. [︎]

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